Le Parker

Sous chef extraordinaire

Most had never heard of him. Others spoke of a legendary past. The whispers claimed he could make a meringue so perfect, so impossibly light, it could literally float…

The lightest dessert, however, was the heaviest burden. Only Parker’s true love had the secret recipe — the Princess! But the King had his men raid her chambers. They stole his secret, harnessed its immense power for evil, and banished Parker from the Kingdom!

Parker is on a journey — a quest — to return to the palace, rescue the princess, and give the King his just desserts. Bon Voyage, Parker!

“One of the most fun titles of 2016.” — Cult of Mac


“Head and shoulders above other App Store platformers.” — MacStories

“Challenging, even for seasoned platformer veterans. Le Parker is definitely one of the better games I’ve picked up on iOS this year. 9.0” —AppAdvice.com

“Le Parker is one of the ones that gets just about everything right, and all the little things come together to form one amazing package.” — Touch Arcade

Out Now! A tough-as-nails platformer with tight touch controls. Featuring thirty two stages in the spirit of the classics we loved as kids.